You really need the sharp eyes of a lynx to note the brightest stars of this inconspicuous constellation – perhaps Johannes Hevelius introduced it therefore under this name in 1690. The most interesting object is reserved for telescopes – the „Intergalactic Wanderer“ NGC 2419 is 210,000 light-years distant globular cluster with a brightness of only with 10.4m. Thus, it is further away from the Milky Way than the Magellanic Clouds. All other globular clusters in our galaxy are less than 65,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way.

The stars 41 Lyncis and 10 Ursae Majoris are remarkable, since they are located each in the wrong constellations. They received their names before the modern constellation boundaries were defined. 10 Ursae Majoris is a 4.0m bright star 8.2° NNW of α Lyncis. It is a 53 light-years distant multiple system. 41 Lyncis is a 4.5m bright and about 300 light-years distant binary star with 45 times the luminosity of our Sun. Close beside it shines a 7.8m bright companion star. Since the first measurement in 1824, the distance between the two stars has shrunk from of 86 to 72 seconds of arc.

5 Lyncis is an optical double star and an easy target. In addition to a 5.2m bright and 680 light-years distant red giant you can see an over 1,000 light-years distant bluish white star. The further away star shines at 7.8m and is 1.5 arc minutes away from the brighter star. Just half an arc-minute aside from the brighter star is another, only 9.8m bright physical companion, but is easily outshined even at somewhat higher magnification and therefore remains an object for telescopes.

At least with averted vision and under good conditions, NGC 2683 can be seen in 7 × 50 binoculars as a thin line. It is a 1 × 6 arcmin large edge-on galaxy at a distance of 39 million light-years away. Unfortunately, at 9.7m it is noticeable only in giant binoculars. It is located 6° west of α Lyncis and forms a triangle with σ ² and σ¹ Cancri, the sides of which are 1° to 1.5° long.

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